Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Missing Rutherford

I got Rutherford for Christmas my junior year in high school and he was the absolute best present ever! He was the prettiest shade of red, super fuzzy, and spunky like most Toy Pomeranian's. He went with me everywhere--to work, to the store, on trips, you name it. I made the mistake of taking him on a trip to Birmingham to meet Ray and he never went back to my house--he had found his daddy and he wasn't afraid to let me know! I repeatedly tried to catch him so we could leave and he would run and get under the bed. Ray asked me to let him stay and he never came home. Ray and I joke all the time that I married him so I could get my dog back but Rutherford knew he was at home with Ray and that let me know Ray was definitely the ONE (corny, I know)! Rutherford would have turned 18 this month so he's been on my mind a lot. I really wish he was here to trick-or-treat with us this weekend. He would love riding in the wagon with the boys and would gladly sport any silly little costume I made him wear. Although you'd never know it from the picture, he really liked being in the middle of all the action--silly costumes and all! Missing you tons sweet Rutherford! Pin It

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