Friday, October 1, 2010

Interior Design 101

Last night I attended the first session of my interior design class and it did not disappoint! There was a room full of eager folks, ranging in age from 20-50, and everyone was ready to learn about design. After introductions, a bit of industry small talk and some job market discussion, we got into space planning. Our first exercise was a review of a residential floor plan. The particular floor plan our instructor choose was one in which the clients faced several design issues once the home was complete. Everyone eagerly scoured the plan attempting to find the problems. Secondly, we went over architecture drawings, measuring to scale and how to measure a space correctly. This discussion brought us to our very first assignment which is a three-part one: (1) get a Benjamin Moore paint deck--check; (2) compile 20 to 30 pictures from magazines of design ideas and rooms we like--check; and (3) select a room in our home as our class project and then measure and draw that room using an architect scale. Sketches, renderings, architectural drawings and blueprints are like candy to me--I love them all! To say that I am oozing with excitement about measuring and correctly drawing a room in our house is more than an understatement! One of the things I like most about design is seeing the designers drawing actually "come to life" once the space is complete. I am making a trip to the store this afternoon for my architect scale so I can get to work! Pin It

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Will , Deborah, Catelyn & Tripp said...

that is so great you are taking classes in design. I have thought about doing that in the past. i totally admire you for taking the plunge. I hope it goes really well and you learn LOTS!!! Love all the pics of your kiddos. So precious!