Monday, October 4, 2010

Show and Tell

I meant to get to this post on Friday but the day got away from me--guess better late than never (if I had a theme song, that would certainly be mine)! Friday's are show and tell days at school and Jackson can hardly wait to pick something he can share with his friends. Typically, he is quick to pick some sort of dinosaur or train, sometimes he even attempts to take several dinosaurs or trains. However, this Friday I was surprised when he asked if he could take his elephant backpack for show and tell. Don't get me wrong, he loves his elephant backpack. He wears it around the house, carries it outside on occasion and has even asked to take it with him in the car several times. And, although he loves the backpack it has never quiet gained the amount of affection as any dinosaur or train. So, when the elephant backpack was his selection Friday morning, I was shocked. That is, until he explained why he wanted to take it. See, the elephant backpack holds stuff, lots of stuff! So, not only did he want to take the backpack, he wanted to load it with 3 trains, 2 dinosaurs and a can of playdough! Ingenious! Pin It

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