Friday, October 22, 2010

Show Us Your Life Post--The Nursery

One of my favorite blogs is Kelly's Korner and you should definitely pay a visit to her blog here. She is the cutest mom with the most adorable little girl, Harper. Her post for today is "Show Us Your Life Nurseries and Kids Rooms" and I loved looking at some of the most adorable rooms ever! Since we are pretty close to growing out of a nursery and having a big boy room and playroom, I wanted to post about our nursery before it is no more! Since he was first, I'll start with sweet Jackson. He was born in March 2007 and at that time, we were living in apartment awaiting the completion of our house. We moved in when he was ten days old and the nursery was first on our list to set-up.
The color scheme I used was light yellow, light blue and chocolate. I decided on those colors after finding bedding I loved at a local boutique, Heir Apparent. To add some visual interest, I had two opposite walls painted with stripes and left the other two walls light yellow. The painter was awesome--he did the stripes freehand in half a day! The furniture came from a really cute store in Tuscaloosa. The crib is convertible which at the time, I thought was a must (oh, the things you learn on your own). I like that we have the option to convert it but when Macklin came along, we decided to move Jackson into a "big boy bed" and keep the crib just as it is--it was a good decision for us. This dresser was in my room when I was a little girl and it has lots of storage. We didn't really have a space for it in the new house so we opted to move it to the nursery for organizing all the new baby items we were trying to figure out! This is the sign that hung on our room door at the hospital. A dear friend of mine's dad made it for me and I love it! I painted it and added the ribbon from my baby shower gifts to it so I could hang it. It is very special to me and I will keep it forever! Macklin's nursery is similar but different in subtle ways. Since we had a toddler on our hands, we were worried about the transition and a new baby. We made a big deal out of Jackson becoming the big brother and him growing into big boy room. With that in mind, I didn't want the new baby to look back and pictures and think he just got his big brother's leftovers so I tried to change things up a bit through accessories and color. The nursery got a fresh coat of light blue paint on all four walls. It is a very calm and serene color that relaxes you the moment you enter the room. I opted to use the same bedding for Macklin but bought several new crib sheets for a subtle change. I made the cornice and covered it with a light blue fabric so it would blend in with the walls. To add interest, I hand-painted the crowns in chocolate brown. The white tiles are from Southern Living at Home and I had so many of them, I decided to add them here for some texture. I added some new artwork and a corner armorie we used in the living room at our old house. We painted it white and removed the bottom doors so we'd have some open storage. My old dresser moved next to the armorie and we moved the changing table to wall opposite the crib. We bought new Boppy pillow covers and I used one as a "C" (for our last name) on the floor next to the changing table. This nursery has been great and we will be sad to see it go now that Macklin is 18 months old and ready for the next step!
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