Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Yesterday was not such a good day for the Carle family! Unfortunately, Jackson got hurt at school and Ray & I had to take him to the ER for medical treatment. He did very well but I can say that mommy was not prepared for this experience, not at all! Around 9:45 am, I get a call from the daycare that there has been an accident and that Jackson needed medical care. I ran out the door and called Ray on the way to the car and luckily, he was able to go with me to the school. We arrive to a crying, scared and hurt little boy who has a large gash on his forehead. We scoop him up and head out the door to the ER. Surprisingly, Jackson is very calm and the gash isn't bleeding profusely. He gives us his little version of what happened and we tell him that the doctor is going to fix his boo-boo and he'll be just fine. We arrive at the ER, get checked in and settle on a spot for what is sure to be a long wait to see the doctor. During our wait, Jackson does very well, talking, singing, and making little jokes with his daddy. I, on the other hand, feel somewhat nauseous as I am certain that awaiting him behind those large doors is a very big needle and some stitching. As we finally get called back for vitals, paperwork, and a room I can feel the nausea setting in--I am not prepared for this. Once we're in the room, Jackson discovers the medical gloves and wants to try on a pair. He plays with those and talks some more about his boo-boo. After a bit more waiting, the doctor arrives for treatment and her name is Dr. Rutherford. Ray and I look at each other in amazement when she introduces herself. The name Rutherford is significant to us because that was our dear toy Pomeranian's name. Rutherford had to be put to sleep almost 9 months ago and we miss him very much. Dr. Rutherford is very sweet and she began to explain to Jackson how she was going to make his boo-boo all better. She gave him the option of blue or black stitches, he chooses the blue one's, and she leaves the room to gather reinforcement for what is to come, the dreaded needle and stitching. After what seemed to be an eternity, Jackson is all stitched up and ready to go. It took a doctor, two nurses, mommy and daddy to hold him down and it was agonizing! He was given a red "hotsicle" for his bravery and we are released. We hung out at home the rest of day, enjoying more hotsicles, "banilla" ice cream, a sucker and McDonald's for dinner. Hopefully, we'll avoid a stomach ache from all the goodies and the return to school will be uneventful, for the both of us! Pin It

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